With the Covid-19 restrictions removed, Propulsion has returned to in-person teaching. Students now have the option to attend in-person or remotely.

Data Science Program
(in-person or remote)
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Learn in our bootcamp the tools and techniques you
need to make better decisions
through data, and land a job in one
of the most sought after fields in

Data Science Program
(in-person or remote)
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Develop in our course an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts in Data Science while expanding your skills in R and Python. Apply your acquired knowledge in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Natural Language Processing to solve an industrial data problem in the form of your Data Science capstone project. Attend in-person or remote.

Become a Data Scientist

Develop in our course an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts in Data Science while expanding your skills in R and Python. Apply your acquired knowledge in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Natural Language Processing to solve an industrial data problem in the form of your Data Science capstone project.

What you'll learn

Why R

R is the language of choice for statistical analysis, which is a very important feature in Data Science. R’s popularity comes from the fact that most statistical methods developed in research environments lead to production of ready to use freely available R-packages. R’s popularity has led Microsoft to develop Microsoft R Open: The Enhanced R, Distribution and Oracle to develop Oracle R Enterprise. From our partner companies we have learned that along with Python, R remains the language of choice for data scientists in insurance and pharmaceutical sectors.

Why Python

Python is currently among the fastest growing programming languages in the world. Largely because it is easy to learn, the recent explosion of the Data Science field, and the rise of machine learning in the enterprise. It has high scalability and emphasizes productivity and readability. Python is like a Swiss army knife to data scientists when they want to delve into data analysis or apply machine learning techniques. Python also supports object-oriented and functional programming styles which facilitates building automated tasks and deployable systems. There are plenty of Python scientific packages for data visualization, machine learning, natural language processing, complex data analysis, and more.

Tools we teach












Jupyter Notebook

Daily Schedule

  • 8:45
    Set up in the classroom with coffee on the house. Those attending remotely get ready to connect.
  • 9:00 - 10:15
    Recap, lecture, and Q&A.
  • 10:15 - 10:30
    Take a short break.
  • 10:30 - 12:00
    Lecture and Q&A, continued.
  • 12:00 - 13:00
    Eat lunch in the canteen or a nearby spot along the river. Those joining remotely can organize their own lunch break!
  • 13:00 - 18:00
    Work on a set of interesting and challenging exercises related to the topics covered during morning lecture. Practice your team-building skills by doing group projects together with your peers. Every 2-3 weeks, hear from some of our past students working across different industrial sectors in Switzerland.
  • 18:00
    Go home or continue working at Propulsion. If it’s a Friday, join us for our TGIF, play some ping-pong, drink some beers, ... Remote participants can join in on the fun virtually.

Daily life of a student

Of course, your daily schedule might look different from time to time. Sometimes there’s an event, sometimes you come in on Saturdays to work more on your skills, and sometimes you need a break! If you want to know more about how your life at Propulsion might look, you can read through our blog post ‘A Day in the Life of a Student’ that gives you a bit more of a description of all the things you might get up to.

We've got your back!

We like giving you individual attention, which is why you will have several one-on-one sessions throughout the Program to speak with our program manager or one of our instructors.


Upcoming Dates

Full-Time Programs, On-Campus or Remote

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Application Deadlines

Due to an application process that includes personal and technical interviews, we like to give you enough time to prepare for the Program. That’s why we close applications one month before the program start, as you will need time to complete the preparation work. As our classes do tend to fill up fast, we offer early registration discounts to those looking to secure their seats in advance. This discount is applicable to anyone who applies up to two months before the program starts.

Application Process

Apply to the Program
Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile
First Motivational interview with Propulsion
Prepare for the technical interview
Pass the technical Interview
Pay CHF 3'500 deposit to secure your spot
Complete your preparation work before the Bootcamp starts


How we measure Success

Our Career Services team prepares and coaches students and does its best to help match them with potential employers. Three months after the program ends, 80% of students have found a job. This figure is based solely on students who are looking for a position in the field that they studied at Propulsion. It does not include those who had different objectives (ex: returning to previous employer, looking for a role in another field, not looking for a job immediately, hired by Propulsion, ...). All numbers and statistics are updated at the beginning of each year.

Your Instructors

Team Member

Cesar Ilharco

Advisor & Instructor

I’m curious and I enjoy exploration: have yet to live in a city for more than 5 years. I studied App ...

Team Member

Dr. Eric Weber


Previously at LinkedIn, I am now the GM of Experimentation and Data Science Leader at Yelp. My passi ...

Team Member

Sekhar Ramakrishnan


I love making data speak. Visualizations combine programming and art, logic and aesthetics, to help ...

Team Member

Andrea Meier


As a statistician in the medical sector, I am very happy to convey a solid knowledge in statistics t ...

Team Member

Gerry Liaropoulos


As an experienced Data Scientist in the fascinating sector of Life Sciences, I am using a variety of ...

Team Member

Dr. Mark Rowan


What drives you? For me, it's about using data to tell a story and change the world. Whether it's ne ...

Team Member

Afke Schouten

Director of Studies - AI management, HWZ

Afke Schouten studied mathematics at the University of Leiden and econometrics and management scienc ...

Team Member

Eduardo Vioque-Martínez


I enjoy discovering hidden patterns in data, constructing narratives on findings, and ultimately dev ...

Team Member

Dr. Nitin Kumar


As a Data Scientist with more than a decade of experience in data mining, pattern recognition, and p ...

Team Member

Dr. Pavlin Mavrodiev


Once a software and electrical engineer, Pavlin has been fully immersed into the field of big data ...

Team Member

Badru Stanicki

Data Science Program Manager & Instructor

With a Masters in Physics, Badru got into scientific programming and data science during his time at ...

About Us

Our motto is { CodeHard: PlayHard }

We aspire to boost Switzerland’s startup scene and tech industry by educating the next generation of Data Scientists, Full-Stack Developers, and Big Data Engineers.

We believe that the latest technologies should be accessible to everyone. We create learning environments that are inspiring and overcome doubts of the impossible. Everyone has the ability to learn tech skills, which is why we want to guide motivated and talented people towards the future of their dreams.