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Data Science Bootcamp

Become a Data Scientist in 12 weeks by acquiring the required knowledge in R, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP. Solve an industrial data problem for the Capstone project. Attend in-person or remote.

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Program Overview

Learn the most in-demand skills

We’ve carefully designed our curriculum to contain the most up-to-date tools currently in demand in the job market. You will learn Python, R, Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and much more.

Develop your own portfolio

For 3 months, you will have the chance to work on different projects and develop your own portfolio to showcase to potential employers.

Apply what you learned

In the last 4 weeks, you will work together in small teams on your final Capstone project, allowing you to apply everything you have learned during the teaching weeks of the program. The program ends by presenting ydour work in front of a large audience on the final evening.

Career support

Your success is our success! We are here to work with you on finding your dream job. We will coach you on creating a perfect CV and Cover Letter, share tips and tricks on the job search strategy including LinkedIn, give you advice for your next job interview, and connect you with potential hiring companies.

Tools we teach

Jupyter Notebook

Why R

R is the language of choice for statistical analysis, which is a very important feature in Data Science. R’s popularity comes from the fact that most statistical methods developed in research environments lead to production of ready to use freely available R-packages. R’s popularity has led Microsoft to develop Microsoft R Open: The Enhanced R, Distribution and Oracle to develop Oracle R Enterprise. From our partner companies we have learned that along with Python, R remains the language of choice for data scientists in insurance and pharmaceutical sectors.

Why Python

Python is currently among the fastest growing programming languages in the world. Largely because it is easy to learn, the recent explosion of the Data Science field, and the rise of machine learning in the enterprise. It has high scalability and emphasizes productivity and readability. Python is like a Swiss army knife to data scientists when they want to delve into data analysis or apply machine learning techniques. Python also supports object-oriented and functional programming styles which facilitates building automated tasks and deployable systems. There are plenty of Python scientific packages for data visualization, machine learning, natural language processing, complex data analysis, and more.

What you'll learn

We’ve carefully designed our curriculum to contain the most up-to-date tools demanded by the job market. This is what makes our Data Science Bootcamp so innovative and what will enable you to take the next step in your career.

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Application Process

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Pay a deposit to secure your spot

Complete your preparation work before the Bootcamp starts


Students Say

Karolin Franke

Karolin Franke

"I had my eyes set on working for a certain company. Propulsion reached out to them regarding a final project and I’m now a Data Scientist there!"


Pharma Intern


Data Scientist at Ava Women

Linda Maria De Cave

Linda Maria De Cave

"The instructors had amazing backgrounds in famous companies such as Google and LinkedIn, always able to stimulate my interest and to answer my questions."


Post-Doctoral Researcher Mathematics


Data Scientist at eBay

Michal Ziemski

Michal Ziemski

"An invaluable and life-changing experience! It never gets boring and keeps satisfying the never-ending appetite for knowledge."


Postdoctoral Researcher Biology


AI Engineer at Oto.ai


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About Us

Our motto is {CodeHard: PlayHard}

We aspire to boost Switzerland’s startup scene and tech industry by educating the next generation of Data Scientists, Full-Stack Developers, and Big Data Engineers.

We believe that the latest technologies should be accessible to everyone. We create learning environments that are inspiring and overcome doubts of the impossible. Everyone has the ability to learn tech skills, which is why we want to guide motivated and talented people towards the future of their dreams.

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