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Through our students, we are committed to creating an ecosystem of thriving tech companies. We partner with tech startups and help them get their products off the ground while also creating our own spin-offs in the process.

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Below is a list of the companies and projects currently under development in our Lab, with many more coming soon.
JobTracker preview

Job Tracker

Job Tracker is a tool that helps people organise their job search.

How does Job Tracker work?

Add Jobs to your wishlist and keep track of the progress on each. Looking for a new Job is a daunting task and Job Tracker aims to help you navigate the process.

Skillgap preview


Skillgap is a tool that helps you find the skills you are missing to complete your professional profile.

How does Skillgap work?

When you upload your CV, our Skillgap engine analyses it and compares your skills to the ones required in your job industry. You will get insight through an analytics dashboard as well as job recommendations which suit your profile.

Syntheticus preview


Syntheticus is a tool that generates synthetic data from real data, maintaining all the original statistical properties.

How does Syntheticus work?

Data can be a sensitive topic, and complying with privacy laws means a lot of research cannot be done. Syntheticus lets you create synthetic data form and original data, maintaining all the relevant statistical properties. You keep all the insights and don’t have to worry about compliance.

Reveal App preview


RevealApp helps you to identify your relevant sections in your text, seamlessly adjusting to your specific search.

How does RevealApp work?

The vast majority of information in corporations is only available in text form, presenting an increased challenge for companies to analyze it, especially in the legal sector. RevealApp quickly learns from your search and annotation behaviour to reveal whatever matters most to you and your data.

Tax Cheetah preview

Tax Cheetah

Tax Cheetah is a unique tool to digitize corporate tax and legal advisory.

How does Tax Cheetah work?

Tax Cheetah includes tax and legal step plans and templates (e.g. tax rulings) for standard corporate transactions. Further, it serves as a legal entity management tool for tax departments and tax advisors. The tool aims to revolutionize the interaction between corporate clients and its tax and legal advisors to reduce costs for clients as well as advisors and to make corporate transactions more efficient.