About us

We have given more than 220 students
the opportunity to become Full-Stack
Developers and Data Scientists.

About us

We have given more than 220 students the opportunity to become Full-Stack Developers and Data Scientists.

Who we are

At Propulsion Academy, we believe that the latest technologies should be accessible to everyone. We create learning environments that are inspiring and overcome doubts of the impossible. Everyone has the ability to learn tech skills, which is why we want to guide motivated and talented people towards the future of their dreams.

Our Mission

We give people new professional opportunities by unleashing their hidden potential and turning them into the effective software developers the industry so desperately needs. Propulsion Academy graduates live the dream of the digital revolution by getting ready to build tomorrow's disruptive technologies.

Our Team

Laurent Meyer CEO

Dr. Nitin Kumar COO

Dr. Pavlin Mavrodiev CTO

Daniele Roncaglioni Head of Engineering

Badru Stanicki Data Science Program Manager & Instructor

Ruben Villalon Full-Stack Program Manager & Instructor

Dr. Julia Pizzolato Head of business development

Academic Advisors

Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer Advisor

Prof. Dr. Markus Gross Advisor

Dr. Thomas Flatt Advisor

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Simon Heinzle Advisor & Instructor

Cesar Ilharco Advisor & Instructor

Dr. Nicolas Perony Advisor & Instructor

Teaching Assistants

Cedric Delacombaz Teaching Assistant

Ekaterina Butyugina Teaching Assistant

Albin Plathottathil Teaching Assistant

Schedule a campus visit

Our Campus is in the heart of Zurich. Nestled inside the Technopark building and surrounded by 300 other companies, we’re in the middle of it all.

With two different class rooms, our office, and lots of spots to hang out, Propulsion won’t only challenge you in the classroom, but also at the ping pong table.

We’ve got a little kitchen (with free coffee), as well as a canteen inside the building offering a variety of foods, and if you want to look beyond that, there are many small restaurants and grocery stores close by.

Our ping pong room doubles as a meeting room and a movie theatre, so make sure you keep your eye out for events!


Want to know more about life as a student at Propulsion? Check out our Blog Post about all the things that happen during your Program at Propulsion.

Why Study in Zurich?

Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland and also the most international one. Its’ diversity is felt in all of the city, whether along the lake or along the shopping mile.

Zurich is at the center of Europe, with quick train connections to surrounding countries and direct flights to major European cities.

People come to Switzerland expecting one thing, but get another. Our students love the Swiss transportation system, our delicious tap water and nature. Zurich’s main attraction is its’ lake - with beautiful views of the mountains.

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