"Having background in life sciences and a limited programming experience, I was not sure what to expect before starting the Data Science bootcamp. Quite early in the course, however, it became apparent where it all is going: the participants are exposed to the multitude of topics comprising this field and get a taste of most of them by solving provided assignments. With a constant flow of new information, it never gets boring - on the contrary, carefully selected teachers with their various backgrounds strive everyday to satisfy our never-ceasing appetite for knowledge. The challenging capstone project with the final presentation was a perfect cherry on the cake. Overall, an invaluable and definitely life-changing experience."

Michal ZiemskiHired by Oto.ai as AI Intern

Michal Ziemski

"The Data Science program is fantastic, supported by a competent, friendly, and helpful team. The approach is very ‘hands-on’ and problem-oriented, letting you dive right in. But no need to worry: you are supported at every step of the way by the instructors and the teaching assistant. Thanks to Propulsion Academy, I have had the opportunity to develop a research project I really like and get funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation. More importantly, it has given me the knowledge and confidence to move towards a field of work I had always been interested in but never dared approach before. Registering for this course is the best professional decision I ever took!"

Constance de Saint LaurentHired by Università di Bologna as SNSF Postdoctoral Researcher

Constance de Saint Laurent

"As valuable as the technical side of the program are the many networking opportunities the program offers. My fellow classmates had different professional backgrounds, which helped me to broaden my network and learn about other fields. Propulsion Academy also works hard to strengthen their Alumni Network by organizing frequent get togethers. I found it very helpful to learn about the daily work as a Data Scientist from people that were in a similar situation to mine. The many presentations from company representatives not only gave me a direct insight into the data science world but also helped me to identify the skills that are most relevant for success."

Raffael IaquintoHired by eBay as Data Science Intern

Raffael Iaquinto

"Given my limited background with programming, I didn’t think it would be possible for such a program to take me to a junior full-stack developer level. I did my due diligence and looked at other options. I finally chose Propulsion because the interaction with the staff had been the most professional (very quick responses to emails, well-structured personal technical interviews to be accepted into the program). Additionally, the curriculum seemed to be the most advanced, focusing on languages and frameworks that are needed for modern software development. And I wasn't disappointed: the journey had been demanding, but the TAs were very supportive and even came in on weekends to make sure we got the most out of the program. Upon completion, I sent out about ten applications and was invited to six interviews within one month. Needless to say, I got what I wanted out of the program and can definitely say that Propulsion has given me a very solid basis to build upon."

Flurin ConradinHired by Telepathy Labs as Full-Stack Software Engineer

Flurin Conradin

"One of the most rewarding experiences I have ever been through. Propulsion Academy helped me not only learn the practical skills needed for a career in Data Science, but also how to apply the knowledge. Making meaning out data. Their curriculum is one of the most comprehensive in the industry."

Lucas CottaHired by Onedot as Data Preparation Expert

Lucas Cotta

"The Data Science program has been a great way to deepen my skills in this field and, thanks also to the final project, to practice what I learned on real messy data. The instructors had amazing backgrounds in academia and/or in big and famous companies such as Google and LinkedIn.They were always able to stimulate my interest and to answer my questions. I also really appreciated the Propulsion staff: available, friendly, and great mentors! In conclusion, my experience with this bootcamp has been truly formative and enjoyable: I would definitely recommend this course to motivated and interested students."

Linda Maria De CaveHired by eBay as Data Science Intern

Linda Maria De Cave

"As a social scientist I am always eager to learn new statistical models and technical skills to tackle a research question in an innovative way. Propulsion Academy guided me through the ever expanding universe of Data Science and provided me with all the right and most relevant tools. Thanks to the supportive environment of both experienced data scientists as instructors and a great bunch of people from various backgrounds as my fellow students, I was able to learn fast and had a lot of fun while doing so. I just started my Post Doc at the University of Copenhagen and I am sure I can take advantage of the data science toolbox during my research here."

Reini SchramaHired by University of Copenhagen as Postdoctoral Researcher

Reini Schrama

"Together with your supporting fellow students and dedicated teachers, you will learn the foundations of the main areas of Data Science and experience an exciting and intensive time. What I particularly enjoyed about the program was the final project. Before applying, I had my eyes set on a Data Science role with a company I really wanted to work for. For this reason, I was really happy when The Propulsion team reached out to them for data on the final project. Long story short: I now find myself working there! This is exactly what I longed for, since I want to stay in the field of my previous career, although now on a much more exciting and happy path."

Karolin FrankeHired by Ava Women as Junior Data Scientist

Karolin Franke

"I started the Full-Stack program half-way through university thinking I would go back and finish my degree afterwards. At Propulsion I learned all of the relevant skills for the current job market and was hired immediately after completion as a Front-end Web Developer at the coolest web agency in Zurich. Besides learning to code, Propulsion gave me access a growing community of developers, alumni and people from every walk of life. If you’re looking for like-minded people with a passion for coding you will definitely find them at Propulsion!"

Sophia LittlejohnHired by Ginetta as Front-end Web Developer

Sophia Littlejohn

"Propulsion Academy allowed me to re-orientate my career away from mainframe technology, or at the least, augment that skill-set with web technology. The preparation work was intensive and gave me a sneak-peak into what was to come. Even though I was an experienced software engineer, I was pleasantly (yet extremely) challenged by the workload.The course was well-structured yet allowed for some flexibility where needed. The exercises were very engaging and allowed me to apply my learning and build a portfolio of software products I could show to prospective employers. To cap off the course, I had to present my capstone project at a "Meetup" type of setting, which turned out to be a life changing experience."

Lazarus BohaleHired by ecoinvent as IT Project Manager

Lazarus Bohale

"Propulsion Academy helped me to gain the necessary skills to make a successful start in the world of software development. They also showed me how to design a portfolio that would be appealing to modern companies. With great patience and effort, they supported every member of my class till they found the answer to the problem that they were looking for."

Adrian GrossHired by Husqvarna Group as Software Engineer

Adrian Gross

"Propulsion Academy has been a great experience and helped me approach the career that I've been heading for. In addition to my recent Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich, this coding bootcamp made the difference and opened new opportunities. The course focuses on very relevant topics and skills with the goal to make the candidates attractive for employers in the field of software development. With a set curriculum and competent supervision, an environment for fast and high quality learning is provided. On top of all, the Propulsion Academy team puts emphasis on networking opportunities and guide the students in the process of figuring out the next step in their career."

Lukas LebovitzHired by ELCA Informatik as Software Engineer

Lukas Lebovitz

"Propulsion Academy boot camps opens new possibilities for the people that are looking for a change in their lives. From the prep-work through the classes, the program is very carefully structured. Lectures are provided by developers with many years of experience, who are able to answer all of your questions. During the whole program, you are supported by teaching assistants helping you understand new materials and resolve challenges. They also do not forget about maintaining a good atmosphere and integration within the group. For me, Propulsion Academy was the hope of finding my place on the Swiss job market. They not only taught me how to code but they also helped me believe in myself."

Michal ZurczakHired by Reprisk as Software Engineer

Michal Zurczak

"At Propulsion Academy you will discover a great program that includes an international environment where instructors and students have different nationalities and backgrounds. English is the language of training, but don’t be surprised to hear people speaking in German, Spanish, Italian or other languages. The curriculum will help you build some of the most demanded skills in Switzerland and the 720 hours of programming along with your persistence and dedication will take you to a level where you’ll be successful in a technical interview."

Yusef HabibHired by Ginetta as Software Developer

Yusef Habib

"I would strongly recommend the Data Science course offered by Propulsion Academy. The course is very valuable, well-structured and it allows you to gain practical experiences in different areas of Data Science. The instructors are truly competent and their guidance allows you to rapidly and efficiently move through your first steps in the wide and complex domain of Data Science. The final capstone project further provides students with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their developed skills towards potential employers. The school’s high reputation and its growing professional network are also critical factors for a successful career development after the course. I particularly enjoyed developing my own project from complex company data. It was a challenging experience, highly rewarding given the results obtained and greatly motivating for my future career in Data Science."

Enrico PaternaHired by eBay as Data Scientist

Enrico Paterna

"From professional athlete to a software developer, thanks to Propulsion I have been able to consolidate base concepts of computer science and learn new technologies highly demanded in the market. No matter your background, if you have the willingness and strength to get until the end you will be a with the outcome of the program. I would suggest it to anyone that wants to become a developer. Definitely one of the most rewarding experience that I have done, both under the professional and personal level."

Antonio Paolo MecciHired by New Voice International as Software Developer

Antonio Paolo Mecci

"Having several years of experience in financial analysis, I realized the amounts of data to analyze have been growing quite substantially. With the participation in the Data Science boot camp I learned the cutting-edge tools which allowed me to improve my skills around data analysis. The environment is a great one to learn with the quality of the instructors, teaching assistant and colleagues. I highly recommend it."

David da PazHired by Litasco (LUKOIL) as Financial Analyst

David da Paz

"Recommended. An ideal mix of theory and hands-on work, with lecturers and instructors with impressive backgrounds in both academia and industry. The course is perfect for motivated self-starters who want to delve into the intricacies of data science, getting hands-on ASAP. Furthermore, the network developed during the 3 months among the students, the lecturers and the faculty proved to be extremely valuable when it came to looking for new roles in the industry as well as further broadening one\'s data science knowledge base."

Samuel GlauserHired by swissQuant as Data Scientist

Samuel Glauser

"When I started the Full-Stack program, I had a degree in Linguistics and one foot in another domain of IT (support and administration). I knew that if I wanted to continue working in this field, I had to take my coding skills one step further. Propulsion allowed me to immerse into coding with proper guidance. My skills took an important leap, but just as important was the opportunity to meet people – I was introduced to my current employer thanks to Propulsion. There's a good vibe in the program and I'd recommend it to anyone seeking to get into programming and a career thereafter."

Kim BeyelerHired by Smartive AG as Full-Stack Software Developer

Kim Beyeler

"The great thing about Propulsion is that there’s something in it for everybody. In my case, after a couple of years working as a developer in the industry, I decided to improve my skills by enrolling in their Full-Stack Development program. Not only did I learn new coding languages and concepts, but I also discovered the social and competitive world of developing, increasing my passion for it even more and my chances for employment."

Miguel Perello GarciaHired by Netstream as Software Developer

Miguel Perello Garcia

"Propulsion Academy is all about learning by doing. This makes it a great complement to university education, and sets it apart from other programs here in Switzerland. During my time there, I got to learn from instructors with outstanding academic backgrounds as well as work experience, several of them from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston and ETH in Zurich. Programming from morning until evening (and often late at night), with the help of these people, will surely help you get your skills the next level. You develop a much better understanding of technology, which is so valuable in the job market today."

Matthias DiengHired by CubeServ Group as Data Consultant

Matthias Dieng

"After 10+ years in the service sector, I started developing an interest in software and was looking for ways to get started. I started with self-study, but after countless hours of battling through it all, I decided to join the 12-week full-stack program to give me a final kick to up my skills and break into the tech industry. This was a game-changing decision. Propulsion Academy’s fast-paced learning environment and highly focused industry curriculum enabled me to cover a vast amount of ground that I would have not been able to cover on my own in such a short time frame. The teachers and staff were fully invested in ensuring that everyone got the most out of the program and created a very encouraging learning environment. I really appreciated closing out the program with a real project from industry, something that I could showcase to future employers during the job search."

Stewart WilsonHired by Byteful GmbH as Software Developer

Stewart Wilson