Python Programming Course

Along with being the fastest growing programming language, Python is the language of choice for data science and it is widely used to build web application backends. In this remote course, you will get an in-depth hands-on understanding of Python fundamentals from a beginner to advanced level. This online course is for anyone new to Python with an interest in programming.

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Program Overview

This online course starts with an introduction to Python and leads you to Object-Oriented programming fundamentals. You will also learn about Python Data Structures, automatically scraping data from the web, working with APIs (Google Maps, Twitter), creating your own APIs using Flask and using Python with databases to generate automated reports. The course will end with a mini-project on the topic of your choice. Schedule:
  • ● 6 week duration with sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 16:00 to 19:00.
  • ● Lectures begin with programming concepts followed by relevant exercises for the rest of the session.

What you'll learn


CHF 1'800

Next Early Apply discount deadline is 8. Jan 21

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Application Process

Simply apply to the program here. The only prerequisite is that you are new to Python and have an interest in programming



Your Instructors

Team Member

Thorben Croisé

Having founded a company in Zurich and having hired over 40 Software Engineers, Thorben has a good i...
Team Member

Marie Bocher

Data Science Consultant
Marie has always been fascinated by Science. She studied Earth and Life Systems in Paris and Lyon, F...

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