"During the three weeks of project at Propulsion academy, Karo developed a new clustering method to automatically group the menstrual cycles from our clinical trials into different sub-groups based on their physiological signal patterns. We were very impressed to see how much she achieved in only 3 weeks of time. Her work served as a valuable base for some very interesting insights to our users and provided new ways to continue the development of our algorithms. The collaboration both with Propulsion and Karo was very fruitful and we could greatly profit from the expertise of Nitin from Propulsion who was actively providing input and new, useful ideas to the project. After the project we decided to hire Karo and to continue the collaboration with Propulsion for further projects, which both have turned out to be great decisions."

Lisa FalcoDirector of Data Science at AVA AG

Lisa Falco

"In preparation for his Data Science Bootcamp at Propulsion Academy, Jean has reached us searching for an interesting dataset to work on. At that time we were exploring an interesting, yet challenging topic of automatizing classification of NOTAMs flight safety messages using machine learning approach. Despite a short time – only 3 weeks and a steep initial learning curve, Jean has managed to developed tools that enabled automated grouping of messages of similar topics and structure. This has allowed to trace inconsistencies in training sets, identify clusters of high purity and improved overall precision of the classification algorithm. Jean’s interactive visualizations helped with understanding of complex data and enhanced communication between the project stakeholders. The collaboration with the Propulsion Academy and with Nitin and Jean, in particular, was very fruitful for enhancing our analysis with new insights and ideas. We are looking forward to continue collaboration with Propulsion for further projects."

Pawel KampczykBusiness Intelligence Data Scientist at SWISS International Air Lines

Pawel Kampczyk

"Rafael joined OTO for a three-week project to help build a deep learning pipeline for emotion detection based on acoustic and lexical cues, as part of a larger effort on a framework called Acoustic Language Processing. His work is being deployed in production to strengthen our product offering, and we are already using the output to provide our customers with a new depth of conversational understanding. Propulsion offers us a unique interface to talented and motivated data scientists, and allows quick iteration on new ideas through short projects or internships. One of Rafael's predecessors in the data science curriculum is now working full-time with OTO as an AI Engineer; overall we are impressed with the quality of the graduates, and look forward to continued interaction with Propulsion."

Nicolas PeronyCTO at OTO.ai.

Nicolas Perony

"Our startup worked with Propulsion Academy to develop a prototype which would jumpstart of future product vision. The team at Propulsion Academy assigned to two full-stack students to the project and rapidly built a working web application which we could immediately use. The students were highly motivated and we were delighted to see results so quickly. For startups and teams with early-stage ideas, Propulsion Academy offers a unique approach to transform ideas into reality, while networking with new developers and data scientists."

Kevin Michels-KimCo-Founder and VP Product & Technology

Kevin Michels-Kim

"We worked with Propulsion Academy on specific topic classification modules within the data science space and got very satisfying results after a short period of time. The people at Propulsion Academy were able to take our inputs and came up with ideas and solutions that were creative and neat. It was a great success. We'd definitely love to work with Propulsion Academy again."

Dimitri NabatovCEO at advaisor AG

Dimitri Nabatov

"Proteomics, the study of proteins, is a data- and machine learning-intensive field advancing rapidly in recent years. Biognosys is the leading provider of proteomics solutions and services. In order to keep up with the fast developments in the field and supplement our internal deep learning capabilities, we submitted a capstone project to one of the students in the Data Science program. We were very impressed by the progress made in the relatively short time frame of the capstone project, and it provided a great starting point for further projects."

Lukas ReiterCTO Biognosys AG

Lukas Reiter