Ideal for anyone who is curious about what programming actually is and wants to learn to read and write code. Learn how to be comfortable with JavaScript, the world’s most popular language for developing web applications. We will take you through the basics, object-oriented programming, as well as the best practices of writing clean and readable code. After completion of this full-week immersive course, you will have acquired 40-50 hours of hands-on experience with JavaScript. You will get a solid understanding of web technologies and be able to build you first applications. This week will also be a stepping-stone to learn more advanced concepts such as front-end frameworks (React, Vue.js, Angular). Since this week is all JavaScript, it will also help you to understand the back-end of applications that use this programming language.

Build a web-based application using Javascript.


Instructors and Teaching Assistants

Our instructors are really special people. Not only do they have professional experience and are masters in their respective subjects, but most importantly, they love to teach. They are there to learn from you as much as you will learn from them. The Teaching Assistants stay with you the entire length of the course and team up with the instructors to provide you with the necessary guidance to reach the finish line.

Laurent Hoxhaj

Program Manager,
Full-Stack Immersive

Graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Laurent has a curious mind which pushes him to keep learning. In fact, he started as a student and became a teacher here at Propulsion Academy. His meticulousness and passion for coding, along with his friendly personality, make him one of our greatest assets.

Colin Wirz


Colin is the ultimate bootcamp instructor: gourmet chef by trade, Python expert by profession. Colin has spent the last 10 years mastering the art of full-stack development through "learning by doing" and various commercial projects. A big fan of live coding and not slides, he is well-versed in a multitude of programming languages in addition to Python.

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Class Structure and Campus Life

As a student at Propulsion Academy, get ready to go big! You will be immersed in a boot camp-style environment so expect to devote 40 hours in the classroom per week (with an additional 20-30 for course work) for lectures, exercises, and hands-on projects.

Unlike a traditional computer science education which is heavy on theory, our instructors give you a brief introduction of the concept at hand and then it’s straight to the exercises. It’s at this point that you become a “Hacker” by using any and all of your problem-solving skills.

In this process, you are not alone. The instructor is there to help and so are the teaching assistants. The magical part of the experience, however, is the bond you form with your fellow classmates who face the same challenges as you. Everyone works together to achieve the same goals and the relationships you form last a lifetime.