Perfect for business professionals who want to learn Python and the key concepts of Data Science. Learn about why and how Python helps Data Scientists in their day-to-day work, acquire hands-on experience on reading data from different formats (csv, databases), query data from web, APIs and perform exploratory analysis using Python. After completion of this full-week immersive course, you will have acquired 40-50 hours of hands-on work experience using Python. This knowledge will not only help you in your day-to-work (automated reporting, automating processes, perform data cleaning etc.) but, will also act as a stepping stone to move to more advanced topics e.g. Machine Learning and Deep-Learning/AI.

Learn the concepts of data analytics and build solutions using Python.


Instructors and Teaching Assistants

Our instructors are really special people. Not only do they have professional experience and are masters in their respective subjects, but most importantly, they love to teach. They are there to learn from you as much as you will learn from them. The Teaching Assistants stay with you the entire length of the course and team up with the instructors to provide you with the necessary guidance to reach the finish line.

Dr. Nitin Kumar

Program Manager,
Data Science Immersive

As a Data Scientist with a decade of experience in data mining, pattern recognition, and predictive modeling, Nitin has been there since the beginning. He helped deliver Switzerland’s first Data Science bootcamp and now manages the entire program, including consulting. Nitin’s motto is: “if a human brain can do it, one can make an algorithm do it!”

Dr. Dimitris Mousadakos

Data Science Consultant,
Data Science Immersive

Dimitris has extensive experience in analyzing and interpreting data in science and a strong background in Information Technology. With a PhD in Nanotechnology from EPFL, he has a curious character and likes to brake down and communicate concepts to broad audiences in a simple and meaningful manner.

Clemente Cortile

Teaching Assistant,
Data Science Immersive

Master in finance with a background in data engineering, Clemente is well experienced in data analysis for businesses development and forecasting. The search for the ultimate forecasting system has led him to Propulsion. Just don't ask him about Time Series and Fighting Game Bots unless you want to hear about it for hours on end.

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Class Structure and Campus Life

As a student at Propulsion Academy, get ready to go big! You will be immersed in a boot camp-style environment so expect to devote 40 hours in the classroom per week (with an additional 20-30 for course work) for lectures, exercises, and hands-on projects.

Unlike a traditional computer science education which is heavy on theory, our instructors give you a brief introduction of the concept at hand and then it’s straight to the exercises. It’s at this point that you become a “Hacker” by using any and all of your problem-solving skills.

In this process, you are not alone. The instructor is there to help and so are the teaching assistants. The magical part of the experience, however, is the bond you form with your fellow classmates who face the same challenges as you. Everyone works together to achieve the same goals and the relationships you form last a lifetime.