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Join our Full-Stack and Data Science community in Munich, the industrial powerhouse of Germany.

Why Munich


Munich is a very international city. Every year people from all over the world come to Munich for their exchange semester, internships, or to work.

Job opportunities

Many well-known enterprises from the high-tech, electronics, communication and automobile industries are in the Munich area. This economic power generates many job opportunities for our students.

A city of innovations

Munich has a flourishing start-up scene, particularly in the field of technology, where ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship are actively encouraged by the government.

An unforgettable experience

Enjoy an unforgettable experience on our campus in the heart of Munich. Share these 3 months of intensive learning with your classmates and make friends for life. In the evening you can enjoy the traditional Bavarian food and beer.

Our Courses in Munich

Choose the right program for you to achieve your goals.


Data Science Program

Master the basics of machine learning to forecast what’s next and predict patterns from large datasets using Python

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Full-Stack Program

Gain the skills to launch a career in web development, from JavaScript to Python. Build websites, APIs, interactive applications, and more

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Our Team

Team Member

Laurent Meyer

Ever since his childhood, Laurent has lived and breathed IT and entrepreneurship. His passion is to ...
Team Member

Dr. Nitin Kumar

As a Data Scientist with more than a decade of experience in data mining, pattern recognition, and p...
Team Member

Daniele Roncaglioni

Ever since Daniele coded his first game while in high school, the passion for programming has never ...
Team Member

Daniela Meier

In addition to her MBA at the University of St.Gallen, Daniela worked in a wide variety of marketing...
Team Member

Marianne Petitpierre

Business Development Manager
Marianne brings in 20 years’ experience in executive education and is a strong believer in the game ...
Team Member

Ruben Villalon

Full-Stack Program Manager & Instructor
Ruben has an extensive background and experience in Banking and Finance, however, it was not a long ...
Team Member

Badru Stanicki

Data Scientist & Instructor
With a Masters in Physics, Badru got into scientific programming and data science during his time at...
Team Member

Mai Kraemer

Business Coordinator
Mai knows people! After several years in the hospitality industry, she kept hearing all this stuff a...
Team Member

Cedric Delacombaz

Software Developer & Instructor
Cedric had previously worked as carpenter, clerk, travel agent and financial accountant. Each profes...
Team Member

Sebastian Mattmüller

Junior Software Developer & Instructor
Sebastian has a background in forensic accounting consulting, however has always had a passion for t...
Team Member

Marie Bocher

Data Science Consultant
Marie has always been fascinated by Science. She studied Earth and Life Systems in Paris and Lyon, F...
Team Member

Albin Plathottathil

Data Science Consultant
Soon after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, Albin found his interest in working...
Team Member

Livia Schmid

Marketing Intern
Livia is creative, full of ideas and thirst for knowledge. During Livia's commercial apprenticeship ...

Teaching Assistants

Team Member

Guillaume Robert

Teaching Assistant - Full-Stack & Instructor
Guillaume has a 5 years experience as a teacher in IT. He loves to share his passion of coding with ...
Team Member

Hugo Costa

Teaching Assistant - Full-Stack
Hugo holds an master degree in Industrial Electronics and Computers Engineering, previously worked ...
Team Member

Enrique Jose Rodriguez Arroyo

Teaching Assistant - Data Science
Enrique is an industrial engineer with many years of experience in the aerospace sector, where he wo...
Team Member

Shirley He

Teaching Assistant - Data Science
Shirley joined the Data Science program in 2019 and has since completed her Master's in Data Science...