Corporate Programs

Tailor-made Programs for your needs.
We help your managers translate
the tech jargon!

Corporate Programs

Switzerland’s only tailor-made tech program for your employees. Create a custom program that advances the company’s skillset and helps your managers translate tech jargon.

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Create your Program

Meet our corporate program managers and tell us your goals for the program. Select what your employees are hoping to learn and pick the dates that work best for your company.

How your Program could look

Get in touch with us and tell us your goals.
Pick the length of your Program.
Complete the preparational work.
Join the Open Session to review the prepwork.
Full-time first week of your Program.
Part-time rest of your Program.
Final week to build and present your projects.
Receive your certificates and celebrate!

Corporate Training Program Options (Customizable)

101. Web Development Toolkit

102. Web Development Project

103. Full-Stack Development

200. Data Science for Leaders

201. Data Science Toolkit

202. Data Science Project

203. Data Engineering

204. Full-Stack Data Science

Or contact us to create your own Program!

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Tools we teach

Pick and choose from the programming languages and tools that you require.



Node & NPM









Gitlab & CI/CD


Docker Compose




Apache Hadoop

Apache Hive

Apache Spark

Apache Kafka

Apache NiFi


Many more...

Who we are

At Propulsion we are committed to providing high quality tailor-made education to give your organization the edge it needs in today's competitive tech scene.

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Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

About Us

Our motto is { CodeHard: PlayHard }

We aspire to boost Switzerland’s startup scene and tech industry by educating the next generation of Data Scientists, Full-Stack Developers, and Big Data Engineers.

We believe that the latest technologies should be accessible to everyone. We create learning environments that are inspiring and overcome doubts of the impossible. Everyone has the ability to learn tech skills, which is why we want to guide motivated and talented people towards the future of their dreams.